The Human Interface of the future

The innovative patented method Hi®Human Interface makes it possible to see interactive storytellers-characters on flat devices with customizable dimensions and is able to take advantage of virtual transparency and to reproduce both real and virtual environments.It represents the most natural mode of interaction between man and machine: a multilingual interface with anthropomorphic characteristics and artificial intelligence, which interacts with the users and reproduces perfectly facial expressions thanks to the efficient combination of human creativity, state of the art technology and digital cinematography.

Possible Applications

HI® is particularly suitable for installation in the following structures and environments:

  • Museums and places of culture
  • Infopoint
  • Shops
  • Virtual ticket-offices

Time Gate

HI® Time Gate gives us the chance to travel through time and to recreate scenarios where the storytelling is entrusted to interactive characters from the past, thanks to a perfect perspective overlap on current reality.This unique and immersive experience can be lived by using simple devices, without the hindrance of limiting filters that affect our senses.

Trompe L’Œil

HI® Trompe l’œil: through the use of advanced cinematic techniques, the real world is reproduced and the sense of depth is emphasized in order to create the illusion that we are not observing a painting, but a real element where a multilingual Genius loci interacts with the visitors.

Case History