OLOS®️ WORLD – Project Co-Financed by the EU

OLOS®WORLD aims at increasing the value of the patents OLOS® and HI® – Human Interface. In this connection, the offer of Blue Cinema Tv will be more attracting on the market. In fact, the technology OLOS® is mature enough to be at the heart of an international business strategy. The beneficiary possesses distinctive resources and skills that are competitive on the foreign market thanks to the uniqueness of its patented products and services over the competitors (ownership advantage). The project OLOS®WORLD include an Investment Plan aimed at initiating a process of internationalization in emerging markets, such as the Balkan one. They are possibly more accessible due to the growing demand for next generation digital technologies (location advantage). Besides these reasons, Blue Cinema Tv can rely on a flexible offer adaptable to the specific needs of different buyers

PRE.GIO – The Logic Museum System

Blue Cinema Tv, project “Pre.GIO, The Logic Museum System” beneficiary with the company Studio Colosseo, delivered five interactive installations to five museums part of the Territorial Museum System “Pre.Gio”. They were made thanks to the holographic patented methodologies OLOS® and HI® – Human Interface and the interactive cinematographic methodology LOGIC [script]. Three storytellers -real guides who lead users to discover the collections of the Civic Museum Lorenzo Ferri in Cave, the Civic Museum of Hemp in Pisoniano and the Civic Naturalistic Museum of the Prenestini Mountains in Capranica Prenestina- were chosen. On the other hand, for the Museum of Antique Tin Boxes in Gerano and the Museum of Time in Saracinesco two interactive ways of fruition of cinematic-documentary content were used.

OLOS®️Music Engineering (O®️ME)

The project is the result of the will of the two proposing companies to create an innovative digital product able to match the skills and experiences of Blue Cinema Tv in the development of patented digital technologies and Studio Colosseo in the creation of high-performance audio systems. OLOS®MUSIC ENGINEERING was born from the need of Blue Cinema Tv to create an optimized and engineered product compared to the prototype born from the OLOS®MUSIC SEQUENCER (O®MS) project.

The winning project of the call “CREATIVITY 2020” of the Lazio Region involved the construction of a prototype as a result of the application of the patent OLOS®. The aim was to create an innovative equipment that would allow to display virtually a holographic and interactive musical band programmable and executable by a real performer on stage. A next-generation technology at the service of the Live Show generated by the interactive holographic cinematography with the aim to respond to the growing demand for spectacularization and virtualization.

OLOS®️ Music Sequencer

The OLOS® MUSIC SEQUENCER (O®MS) is an audiovisual device fit for recording, programming and reproducing music and images of the performer related to them by controlling music loops and performance information in many ways. O®MS allows to play not only the music logically pre-programmed with dedicated software in pre-recorded and logically organized loop structures, but also the images of the performers of that music. In brief, the project involves the construction of a prototype O®MS (OLOS®MUSIC SEQUENCER), as an applicative result of the OLOS® patent. The goal is to create an innovative tool that allows to virtually display a holographic and interactive musical band (or classical quintet), all programmable and executable by a real performer on stage (the performer operates the virtual musicians through a console). This project idea comes from the experience gained in the field of live performances with cinematography applied in national and international contexts, where the traditional representation has evolved into a virtual representation that elevated the contents and made the performance more spectacular.

HI®️Multicultural Development (HI®️MCD)

The purpose of presenting the invention is to provide a procedure in order to create an audiovisual apparatus able to reproduce a human subject by simulating his or her presence in a real environment surrounding the apparatus itself according to the patent HI® (Italian patent number 0001428984 – HI® Italian trademark registered with MISE – UIBM).

BREVETTI + 2 (MISE – INVITALIA) Incentivo per la Valorizzazione dei Brevetti più Attuali e i Progetti più Qualificati che Derivano dalla Ricerca Pubblica e Privata

DISEGNI+2 (MISE/UNIONCAMERE) Agevolazione per la Valorizzazione dei Disegni e Modelli

MARCHI +3 (MISE) Sostegno alla Estensione del Marchio a Livello Comunitario e Internazionale

PAR FAS ABRUZZO 2007 – 2013 – Finanziamento di Nuove Iniziative di Imprenditoria Legate all’Incentivazione e Sviluppo di Servizi Turistici

ABRUZZO OPEN DAY EDIZIONE WINTER 2016 – Sostegno al Processo di Internazionalizzazione, Innovazione e Sviluppo Promozione del Territorio

PERCORSO DI FEDE, GIOIA E GUSTO Progetto “Abruzzo Welcome” (c. 1228, art. 1 L. 296/2006) nell’ambito di “ABRUZZO OPEN DAY WINTER”


L’ALTRA META’ DI ROMA – Opera Audiovisiva Olografica Interattiva – OLOS®