Blue Cinema TV was founded in 1999, heir to a family tradition started in 1929. Its  activity is focused on Film Production and Research and Development of New Immersive Visual Technologies.

It has produced first feature films of young authors gaining recognition from the Italian Ministry of Culture and major international film festivals and visibility thanks to TV channels (Rai, Telewizja Polska) and the leading streaming platforms (Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play).

For a long time, the company has embarked on a path leading to the combination of artistic expression and technological innovation: the European patent OLOS™, the process for reproducing life-size interactive human beings, which is mainly applied in the fields of education and culture.

On the other hand, the collaboration with universities and research institutes has stimulated the research and development process that led to obtaining two other patents: HI™ – Human Interface, which simulates human presence in the real environment, and I-CINEMA™, which aims to experimenting innovative solutions of interactive cinematography.