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ERDF European Regional Development Fund Lazio Regional Operational Programme

Programme 2014-2020

Public Notice “Contributions for the support of the Internationalisation Processes of SMEs”, “PROJECTS OF INTERNATIONALISATION”, approved with Det. No. G18225 of 20/12/2019.


OLOS®WORLD aims at increasing the value of the patents OLOS® and HI® – Human Interface. In this connection, the offer of Blue Cinema Tv will be more attracting on the market. In fact, the technology OLOS® is mature enough to be at the heart of an international business strategy. The beneficiary possesses distinctive resources and skills that are competitive on the foreign market thanks to the uniqueness of its patented products and services over the competitors (ownership advantage). The project OLOS®WORLD include an Investment Plan aimed at initiating a process of internationalization in emerging markets, such as the Balkan one. They are possibly more accessible due to the growing demand for next generation digital technologies (location advantage). Besides these reasons, Blue Cinema Tv can rely on a flexible offer adaptable to the specific needs of different buyers.


The mission of the Project is to enhance the commercial strategies of the Beneficiary thanks to the introduction of innovative products in new emerging markets by exploiting the trends of globalisation and the specific characteristics of the “local targets” of the project. By undertaking a strategic export plan, the company will seize a number of opportunities for its development and prosperity. Some of these opportunities are easy identifiable and relate to the achievable results with regard to turnover and contribution in the short and medium term. Others are less immediate -but not less important- and refer to the development of the company in the medium and long term, the increasing of its competitiveness and the opportunity to put up barriers to its competitors. In fact, in the present context internationalization is a basic strategy for companies aiming at creating value and increasing or maintaining their competitive advantage.


  1. Increase revenue and profit margin: if the expected additional sales volume in foreign markets will not have a major impact upon fixed costs, they will increase the overall profitability of the company.
  2. Diversification of risk: exports will reduce the company’s dependance on a single market allowing it to overcome any period of recession or critical issue, particularly the saturation of national markets of or the oversizing of production.
  3. Horizontal dimensional development strategy: the strategy of penetration of the market will aim at offering consolidated patented products in existing markets with demand for new generation digital technologies that cannot be met by the local supply.
  4. Reinforce the Company’s Branding: once it has identified a market, by strengthening its brand abroad Blue Cinema Tv will determine how its products should be perceived by its potential clients.


TOTAL Eligible Investment 210,000.00 €

TOTAL Subsidy Granted 105,000.00 €