Delivery of Interactive Installation – OLOS®VISIT Project

On Monday 04/19 Blue Cinema Tv delivered to the companies Dida and CultOrale a new interactive installation realized for the Museum of the Agro Veientano in Formello using the holographic patented technology OLOS® and HI® – Human Interface.

The protagonist Rodolfo Lanciani, the archaeologist responsible for the excavation campaign that in 1882 led to the discovery of the finds in the Chigi Tumulus, now lives again inside it.

The installation is characterized by such a level of interaction that users of different nationalities can simultaneously enjoy the content in an extremely accessible way and choose between different levels of information.


Public Notice: “L’Impresa fa Cultura”, ROP LAZIO ERDF 2014-2020. REGIONE LAZIO, Direzione CULTURA E POLITICHE GIOVANILI, Det. n. G17244 of 20/12/2018. Project co financed by the European Union

Place of culture: Museo dell’Agro Veientano di Formello

Beneficiaries: DIDA S.r.l. e Cultorale SCaRL

Powered by: OLOS® e HI® – Human Interface