Consegna Installazione Interattiva – Progetto Lancisiana Virtual Library

Delivery of Interactive Installation – Lancisiana Virtual Library Project

Blue Cinema Tv, waiting for the imminent reopening to the public of the Lancisiana Library, has delivered to the company Lozzi Publishing the interactive installation realized through the patented method HI® – Human Interface.

The main character is the Genius loci “Cristoforo Carsughi”, the first historical librarian of Lancisiana, who is in charge of guiding the visitors on the discovery of its history and volumes.

In this regard, one of the narrative paths proposes one of the most representative books of the Library that cannot be consulted, namely the Liber Fraternitatis, in order to allow the public of visitors to digitally enjoy some of its illustrative pages displayed in 3D through the installation itself.

The whole narrative path is available in Italian and seven foreign languages and great importance is given to the theme of accessibility both in physical and cognitive terms through the “LIS (Italian Sign Language)” modality.


Avviso pubblico: “L’Impresa fa Cultura”, POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020. REGIONE LAZIO, Direzione CULTURA E POLITICHE GIOVANILI, Det. n. G17244 del 20/12/2018. Progetto cofinanziato dall’Unione Europea.

Luogo della cultura: Biblioteca Lancisiana di Roma

Soggetto beneficiario: Lozzi Publishing S.r.l.

Powered by: HI® – Human Interface