OLOS® Music Sequencer

The OLOS® MUSIC SEQUENCER (O®MS) is an audiovisual device fit for recording, programming and reproducing music and images of the performer related to them by controlling music loops and performance information in many ways.

O®MS allows to play not only the music logically pre-programmed with dedicated software in pre-recorded and logically organized loop structures, but also the images of the performers of that music. In brief, the project involves the construction of a prototype O®MS (OLOS®MUSIC SEQUENCER), as an applicative result of the OLOS® patent.The goal is to create an innovative tool that allows to virtually display a holographic and interactive musical band (or classical quintet), all programmable and executable by a real performer on stage (the performer operates the virtual musicians through a console). This project idea comes from the experience gained in the field of live performances with cinematography applied in national and international contexts, where the traditional representation has evolved into a virtual representation that elevated the contents and made the performance more spectacular.

INVESTIMENTO: € 200.016,39