OLOS® Celestino Tells

“CELESTINO RACCONTA”_holographic project BLUECINEMATV per Regione Abruzzo-AOD WINTER event_starring Graziano Piazza_script Alessandra Arcieri_holographic cinematography Daniele Baldacci_ powered by® (EPO patent pending, OAMI trademark)

”Percorsi di Fede, Gioia e Gusto” (c. 5, art 5 L. 135/2001) CUP C99D15002290001 – Progetto “Abruzzo Welcome” (c. 1228, art. 1 L. 296/2006) nell’ambito di “ABRUZZO OPEN DAY WINTER”

PROJECT TARGETS: to create a MULTILINGUAL INTERACTIVE OLOGRAM of pope CELESTINE V by means of the patented method OLOS®, to access content by living a new and engaging experience, to bring the historical character to life in the manner of a genius loci so close to those who approach the history of our land for the first time in several languages, to support a process of internationalization, innovation and promotional development, to encourage dialogue with an increasingly demanding international tourism.

The involved area related to the referring DMC (Destination Management Company): DMC 13 Consorzio Celestiniano – Cammino del Perdono “La via degli Eremi”.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: creation of a MULTILINGUAL INTERACTIVE HOLOGRAM of the historical figure of CELESTINE V that –through our European patented method OLOS®– will be made interactive (the user asks questions and the hologram answers) and multilingual (the user chooses a language and the hologram speaks in the selected language).