The First Gaze: The Italian Who Invented The Cinema

The reconstruction of the incredible life of the Italian pioneer, Filoteo Alberini, becomes the occasion for a reflection on the birth of Italian cinema and, more generally, on the Seventh Art and its nature as the“magnificent obsession”. A journey in the company of an exceptional storyteller, guardian par excellence of cinema’s forgotten ones, Georges Méliès, who conducts an investigation of this figure, practically unknown in our present day.

production: Daniele Baldacci for Blue Cinema Tv

director: Stefano Anselmi

subject: Stefano Anselmi

screenplay: Stefano Anselmi, Giovanna Lombardi

cast: Max Zanuzzi

cinematography: Daniele Baldacci

editing: Daniele Cecilia

music: Arturo Annecchino

costumes: Paola Nazzaro

make-up: Nina Labus

production manager: Gianluca Tinnirello

visual effects: Matteo Accurso

original title: L’italiano Che Inventò Il Cinema

year: 2019

country: Italy

original language: italian

time running: 58’

format: color, 16:9