Casa della Pace – Home of Peace

Home of Peace is a small, retreat center isolated in the Apennine Mountains. When Santi Borgni -its founder- gave life to it, he was inspired by the work of Jiddu Krishnamurti; over the last twenty years, the center has hosted many people looking for a new vision or wanting to spend some days in silence. The documentary offers the experience of the place in the form of testimony from its founder, transforming itself into a real investigation into the phenomenon of human existence. 


production: Daniele Baldacci for Blue Cinema Tv

director: Federico Maria Baldacci

subject and treatment: Santi Borgni

cast: Santi Borgni

music: Arturo Annecchino

cinematography: Daniele Baldacci

editing: Federico Maria Baldacci

production manager: Gianluca Tinnirello

visual artist: Matteo Accurso

music publishing: Lamp on Music

sound editor: Andreas Pizzo

original title: Casa Della Pace

year: 2021

country: Italy

original language: italian

running time: 118’

format: color, 16:9