“Home of Peace”

Home of Peace is a small, retreat center isolated in the Apennine Mountains. When Santi Borgni -its founder- gave life to it, he was inspired by the work of Jiddu Krishnamurti; over the last twenty years, the center has hosted many people looking for a new vision or wanting to spend some days in silence. The documentary offers the experience of the place in the form of testimony from its founder, transforming itself into a real investigation into the phenomenon of human existence.

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distribution Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Google Play ITALY

Best Documentary at the International Film Festival di Nuova Delhi
Best Documentary at the Kathmandu Independent Film Festival
Award Winner at the Esoteric International Film Festival
Award winner at Varanasi Independent Film Festival 2022
Award Winner at the Eastern Europe Film Festival
Honorable Mention at the Emerald Peacock Film Festival
Best First Time Director at the Wisdom Tree International Film Festival

starring: Santi Borgni (Himself)
with: Saolai Borgni, Fiamma Borgni, Marina Neri, Luca Gentile
produced by: Daniele Baldacci
story and treatment by: Santi Borgni
directed by: Federico Maria Baldacci
production manager: Gianluca Tinnirello
production administrator: Daniele Tinnirello
sound: Andreas Pizzo
original music: Arturo Annecchino
cinematography: Daniele Baldacci
editing: Federico Maria Baldacci

format UHD ProRes 422HQ / 118 min / color / stereo