Le nostre tecnologie brevettate OLOS® e HI® Human Interface – BEST PAPER AWARD – IRC2020 XIV INTERNATIONAL REASERCH CONFERENCE

Dear Mr. Daniele Baldacci,

Hereby, we are very happy to inform you that you have been awarded with ” Best Paper Award ” by the Program Committee as per the Conference Awards Scheme.

Best regards, Waset TeamInternational Science Council


“Ultima pubblicazione scientifica (paper) riguardante le nostre tecnologie brevettate OLOS® e HI® Human Interface premiata come “BEST PAPER”!!!!

TITLE:The Olos® Way to Cultural Heritage: User Interface with Anthropomorphic Characteristics

ABSTRACT:User interfaces with anthropomorphic characteristics are a very natural mode of interaction between man and machine. However, interfaces that reproduce perfectly the human expression and figure were so far considered as a fundamentally unreachable goal. The OLOS® platform reaches it by changing the assumption that this is just a matter of engineering, and by leveraging a pragmatic and effective fusion of human creativity and state of the art technologies from IT and digital cinematography. Thus, they provide for a highly immersive way of experiencing our cultural heritage

.by Daniele Baldacci, prof. Remo Pareschi

Keywords—Human-computer interfaces, holographic simulation, digital cinematography, interactive museum exhibits.