Dear Mr. Daniele Baldacci, We are happy to inform you that your paper entitled “The Olos® Way to Cultural Heritage: User Interface with Anthropomorphic Characteristics” has been accepted for “ICCHNT 2020: International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies” to be held on Nov 11-12, 2020 in Rome, Italy.

Nuova pubblicazione scientifica (paper) riguardante le nostre tecnologie brevettate OLOS® e HI® Human Interface al servizio del Cultural Heritage

The Olos® Way to Cultural Heritage: User Interface with Anthropomorphic Characteristics

User interfaces with anthropomorphic characteristics are a very natural mode of interaction between man and machine. However, interfaces that reproduce perfectly the human expression and figure were so far considered as a fundamentally unreachable goal. The OLOS® platform reaches it by changing the assumption that this is just a matter of engineering, and by leveraging a pragmatic and effective fusion of human creativity and state of the art technologies from IT and digital cinematography. Thus, they provide for an highly immersive way of experiencing our cultural heritage.

by Daniele Baldacci, prof. Remo Pareschi

Keywords—Human-computer interfaces, holographic simulation, digital cinematography, interactive museum exhibits.